Setting Privileges and Ownership After You Install Magento

Following is an explanation of the privileges: 500 permissions for directories (dr-x——) gives the web server user read and execute privileges to prevent the accidental deletion or modification of files in the directory. Other users have no access to Magento directories. 400 permissions for files (-r——–) prevent any user (even the web server user) from […]

Leverage Browser Caching

Each time a user views a page on your site, the browser downloads the HTML, CSS, JS, images, fonts and any other assets required for the page to display correctly. More often than not, these assets are used on each page on your site and do not change. As an example, it’s common to use […]

How To Optimize Your Site With HTTP Caching

I’ve been on a web tweaking kick lately: how to speed up your javascript, gzip files with your server, and know how to set up caching. But the reason is simple: site performance is a feature. For web sites, speed may be feature #1. Users hate waiting, we get frustrated by buffering videos and pages that pop together as […]


  • September 19, 2017
  • Network

Lists of network protocols : OSI Model : TCP/IP Model : nc 4545  [ connect to this ip with port 4545 ] nc -l 4545 [ listesn port 4545 ] Iptables sudo iptables -L sudo iptables -F sudo iptables -D INPUT 4 sudo iptables -D INPUT -j DROP sudo iptables -A INPUT -p […]

  • September 18, 2017
  • Php

PHP Connect to MySQL

PHP Connect to MySQL : Before we can access data in the MySQL database, we need to be able to connect to the server: The connection will be closed automatically when the script ends. To close the connection before, use the following: See all open connections to a given database mysql> show status like ‘%onn%’; […]

Update admin/customer password directly in database for magento 1

1.Admin Copy and paste the following statement into the SQL query text box. Replace NewPassword with the new password, and replace both occurrences of xx with any random two-character sequence: UPDATE admin_user SET password = CONCAT(MD5(‘xxNewPassword’), ‘:xx’) WHERE username = ‘admin’; 2.Customer Replace testtest with your new password and $customer_entity_id with the customers entity_id in the customer_entity table. update customer_entity_varchar set value = md5(‘testtest’) where entity_id=$customer_entity_id and […]

Great extensions for magento 1

1.Implements an Account Lockout to enhance the User authentication security 2.AOE Scheduler for Magento  


If you want to install some module from Magento Connect, but you cannot use ‘Magento Connect Manager’ for some reason, in this case you can download Magento module package in TGZ file format manually and upload it to your Magento store via FTP or control panel file manager. You should use special URL to download […]

PHP: session configuration

  • August 30, 2017
  • Php

PHP and sessions: Very simple to use, but not as simple to understand as we might want to think. session.save_handler string session.save_handler defines the name of the handler which is used for storing and retrieving data associated with a session. Defaults to files. Note that individual extensions may register their own save_handlers; registered handlers can […]